About ZCM's Technology...

ZCM relies on a strong technological base for its activities. These tools are currently in forefront use in the execution of ZCM's projects and portfolio management:

 * Hardware:

A network of high-performance IBM p-Series POWER5+ TM workstations using AIX (IBM's flavor of the Unix operating system.) In addition, dedicated PCs running LINUX and Windows are used for specific tasks.

 * Software:

Prototyping and front-end programming in SpeakeasyTM. Production programming in Fortran, C, Unix shell and other languages.

 * Numerical Algorithms:

Proprietary search and optimization algorithms; advanced application of statistical, mathematical and game-theory algorithms.

 * Real-Time Financial Datafeed:

The real-time financial datafeed is set up as a high-speed VPN via dual 6MB Internet lines connected to the data provider's servers. An IBM power5+ dedicated workstation processes the real-time, low latency data to run our ID7 Intraday Program, as well as our other Programs.

 * Back-Office Operations:

Back-office operations and processing is all done in-house using ZCM's proprietary software. Broker runs are recevied daily via e-mail, and are processed and parsed automatically. Broker-reported client positions are then checked against ZCM client runs automatically, and discrepancies are flagged for corrective action. Other ZCM software keeps running records on all clients' positions and past trades for regular checking against broker statements.

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