EZ-MARKETS Trader Workstation Software Package

The picture above shows a front page of the EZ-Markets software package (*) The central frame shows a typical choice of data display (in this case, IBM stock daily data.) In the lower part of the frame we see an additional matching graph, displaying one of the popular technical indicators (Stochastics.)

The frame on the far right constitutes the control panel. The top button (labeled "Data") controls the data to be displayed and fed into EZ-Markets; the second button, "Charts" controls details of the graphics display, as well as the functions relating to trends and trading range determination, etc. The third button, "Tech Studies" controls the choice of technical indicator to be calculated and displayed on the lower graph in the middle frame. (In the picture, the stochastic indicator has been selected.) Multiple indicators can be overlaid.

The next button allows a choice of "spreads," i.e. composite holdings of two financial instruments. The following button, "Math Operator" has been activated in the picture, creating the red "pop-up" menu immediately to the left, showing the various choices of mathematical studies on the data available with EZ-Markets. The next button, "Forecast" allows forecasting of the data based on a variety of mathematical models.

The frame on the far left shows the actual values of the data being displayed in the central frame. Finally, the lower panel is the Speakeasy control panel.

EZ-MarketsTM is available as a value-added software add-on to the SpeakeasyTM high-level computer language. Please contact Speakeasy Corporation directly for more information on ordering this software.

(*) Apologies for the large size, but the choice was necessary to display the picture's detail.

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